The Myth of the Perfect Methodology: Confab 2012 – Credits and Notes

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Confab 2012. And now, for your benefit, I bring the entire thing to YOU! Below you’ll find the slideshow, notes and reference links, and a list of the images I used for the presentation.

The slideshow:

The links and articles and such:

The content strategy guides-that-are-not-methodologies:

The Flickr images used via Creative Commons:


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  1. Corey –
    LOVE LOVE LOVED your presentation. My coworker and I attended your session and ATE IT ALL UP! Totally rocked it out. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to connect, as a fellow South Dakotan. Glad to see you made it back to SF and are hard at it once again!

    Kristina Loken