The New Smashing Book: Now with More ME!

I’m excited to officially announce the my inclusion in The Smashing Book #4: New Perspectives on Web Design. SURPRISE – I wrote about content strategy. The chapter, which focuses on both sides of the content strategy landscape – both user needs and editor needs – serves as a capstone to all of this empathy stuff that’s I’ve been writing and talking about over the past year and a half. So go buy it.

Thinking Small: An Introduction

2013 is the year of thinking small. And, it’s the year of two new blog series. We’ll take out the dissection kit and pick apart the fields within a structured content model. And we’ll do the same with our methodology, adapting it to fit the needs of a smaller business, pointing out the places where it’s okay to skimp and slide, and pass along some thoughts on empathizing with a marketing manager who’s already working extra without the added weight of a new content management system.

Welcome to Eating Elephant

Oh, hi. I’m starting a content strategy blog. “Oh, great. Another one.” No. Seriously. This one’s different. This one isn’t just stats and steps and primers. It’s also thoughts and big concepts and goofy content-related things. It’s for content people. It’s for Web people. It’s for people who don’t deal with content OR Web. I’ll admit, though – mostly, it’s for me: Corey Vilhauer, content …