The Best EVERYONE Can Do

The future of advertising has nothing to do with clients – it will happen from within, through a free-exchange of ideas and improvements, each of us building upon the successes of the others, working with each other to find solutions instead of against each other.

Book Review: Design is a Job

There are thousands of books about what it takes to learn the skills needed for our careers – the art and craft and promotion – but precious few about what it takes to understand the job that lies beneath. We know what to do, and why to do it, but we don’t learn how to push forward on a practical level. Mike Montiero’s Design is a Job is one of those precious few.

Some quick thoughts on writing for the web

Know that we don’t provide just copy. We provide a process and a guide. What we write now will, subconsciously, serve as a template for future site copy. And while we know not every client will be faithful to that template, we need to provide them with the right tools in the beginning.

Treat Website Content Like a Business Asset

Sometimes we get asked to write things for local publications. This was the case in March for the Sioux Falls Business Journal. So, naturally, I wrote about content. From the article, “Treat Website Content Like a Business Asset” from the Sioux Falls Business Journal: The case for developing a unified content strategy — all aspects of a company’s message, from print and web to broadcast …

My Thoughts on IA Summit 2012: “Why Is the Sky Blue?”

The theme of this year’s IA Summit – Cross-Channel Experiences – was well represented, and regardless of which wall of the user experience room you tend to lean against, it’s clear we’re all moving forward toward this universal promise of “future-friendly” web properties, where our content moves from one format to another through the magic of metadata and chunking. The hidden theme of the conference, …

Audiences, Outcomes, and Determining User Needs

One of the most important parts of web design and development at Blend Interactive is what we call our Audiences and Outcomes process. The process – which borrows heavily from C. David Gammel’s Online and On Mission – helps determine site audiences and the expected outcomes of those audiences. It’s what drives decision making for the rest of the site. It’s kind of a big …

My First Principles

Earlier this month, Contents Magazine asked seven very smart people about their first principles – the things that ground every part of their work, whether in content or beyond. You should probably go read that. Then, Contents asked us to fill in the spaces by submitting our own answers to the question, “What are your first principles?” There’s difficulty in nailing down those first principles …